Wow – what a rollercoaster it has been since our last post. On so many occasions we thought that we might be about to leave, only for Jenny to spring yet another surprise on us …

Looking back at our last post it all seems as though we were being more than a little naive. It turns out that the breaker’s yard that Joe had been in touch with was a complete shyster. The guy lied about having the part, lied about sending it out, lied that it was nearly with us. Hopefully Joe can get his money back and this guy gets prosecuted for fraud.

The additional drama was that Jenny decided that she didn’t want her engine to stop running … Joe switched her off at the key, took the key out, even physically disconnected the ignition. The engine was still running. His spider senses told him that it was something to do with water and, true enough, he found water in the fuse box. A thorough review of that and a good clean and dry later and the problem seems to be fixed. So too the heater which is now working well.

So far as the suspension is concerned and to cut a long story short, we decided to buy entirely new leaf spring suspension (it’s very shiny see above!) as it reliable and easy to fix. It’s been a hugely expensive time but due to your generosity we are now getting ready to leave very early on Sunday morning in a vehicle that promises to give robust and excellent service in Ukraine for as long as she is needed.

Thank you Joe and the team at Wimbledon Auto Centre for your relentless hard work and persistence. It hasn’t been easy but hopefully it was worth it.

Today we are buying the last few things that we need for the ambulance (a fuel can, mobile phone holder, cargo net) whilst Aliya shows her off to her neighbours! Tomorrow we will load her up and then hit the road on Sunday. We can’t wait!

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