A “community transport hub” in action – Aid worker Paul distributing aid to locals in the Odesa region

Right now in the Odesa region (and elsewhere in Ukraine) there are too many people – frequently elderly and/or with reduced mobility – who are not getting the humanitarian and medical aid that they desperately need. This is because they either can not or will not leave their homes to get to the central distribution points. The aid exists, it just isn’t reaching these people.

Our community transport hub will be an ambulance that is big enough to transport material amounts of humanitarian aid as well as medics and their kit and capable enough to evacuate people who need to be transported to hospitals for more sophisticated medical care.

The missing link between the needy on the one hand and the aid and the aid workers on the other is this ambulance.

A single Russian missile strike rendered this clinic and surrounding buildings unusable

The ambulance will be driven by trusted local partners already known to us on approved routes. It will be fuelled, maintained, tracked and controlled as an integral part of this project. Ukrainian driver-volunteers will double up as translators and help the medics to train local people to undertake basic but essential medical procedures such as changing dressings.

We know already that there is a real problem. We also know that this is an effective solution. After running the ambulance for a few months our German charity partner will be able to use this data to make an application for an EU funding grant in order to fund this solution for many more communities.

Any donation you give will therefore be multiplied many times if the grant application is successful! Please do give generously.

Each of the fundraising platforms linked above charges a percentage fee on donations to meet its costs. If you plan to make an especially large donation (say £500 or even more) then – firstly – THANK YOU! To ensure that every penny of especially large donations goes to support this cause our partner charities are happy manually to process large donations and issue tax receipts. Please do email Dan or Dom if you would like to arrange this.

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