We’re delighted to share with you that Sunny was recently handed over to her new home in Ukraine. We hadn’t appreciated quite how eagerly awaited this would be – with children turning out to applaud her arrival and even the mayor attending to receive the keys! Thank you to everyone who made this possible – not least Aliya Aralbaeva (whose idea this is) and Paul Matthews (aka aid worker Paul) who has been looking after her so well since her arrival in Ukraine.

Sunny is welcomed to the children’s hospital in Pobuzhie by the town mayor

It has made us quite emotional to see the reception that Sunny received when Oleksandr (the fireman we met in Poland) delivered her. It is hugely touching to have played a part in demonstrating in a very tangible way the support that we all feel for the people of Ukraine.

Thank you everyone. If you have not yet made a donation but would like to do so our fundraising page remains open.

Our work doesn’t end here, however.

As you will have read in our last post, Sunny was delivering aid and working as a kind of mobile health clinic supporting smaller communities in the Odesa region. She won’t be able to do this work now that she is engaged full-time with her new hospital so we are working on a plan to deliver a new ambulance to pick up where Sunny left off.

Watch this space!

Sunny will feel right at home here!

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