After her rescue mission immediately upon entering Ukraine Sunny has been pressed into helping out with all sorts of initiatives before she is formally handed over to the children’s hospital in a ceremony scheduled for 28 August.

Today that meant transporting aid from the city of Odesa elsewhere in “Odesa oblast” (i.e. the Odesa region). The aid was a combination of food parcels, long life milk (which will be stored locally and distributed as the need arises) and medical aid. You can see some photos from her day (as well as her route) in the video above.

One of the initiatives that AWP is working on is a “community transport hub”. The idea is that a pool of useful vehicles be made available to do all sorts of helpful things. This would include moving aid to where it is most needed but also – critically – transporting medics to under-served communities where they can identify people in need of care, provide that care and arrange to return to continue that care on a regular basis. AWP has already connected with representatives from a number of other charities who have had similar ideas. This is excellent news we will be working with them all on formalising this into a more concrete proposal, hopefully during the course of this week.

During the afternoon we had a chance to catch up with aid worker Paul (AWP) by WhatsApp video call. It is rather strange to be able to join a video call with Ukraine at the drop of a hat but that’s modern technology for you.

AWP delivering aid alongside representatives from US and German charities

Although Sunny will be moving on from her temporary role inside a week it is encouraging to think that she could be providing a “proof of concept” for what an ambulance could do to support a range of communities. What this space!

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