First thing today we and Sunny (our ambulance’s new name – thank you Granny Anne!) rolled down the hill in Wimbledon and set off for the Eurotunnel terminal some 80 miles away. Once we get there we’ll only have another 950 to go!

Yesterday was hectic. Having decided on a name (sunflowers being Ukraine’s national flower and a sunflower propitiously growing between the cracks in the concrete drive of the empty house at which Sunny has been parked since Friday) Daniel took her to a nearby garage for a “once over”. Eleanor had been concerned about a possible puncture and Daniel had been concerned about the suspension so Sunny was taken to the lovely people at Wimbledon Autocentre who – despite a very full day – squeezed her in, pronounced all good to go and topped up all fluids in advance of her Big Adventure.

Then it was back home to unpack and repack. This thing (sorry Sunny!) is a Tardis. It is remarkable how much aid we’re squeezing in but not before Leo checked out what it would be like for one of the children that Sunny will be looking after.

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